What is Coldevprolayer?

ColdevProLayer is a License Manager, for scramble PHP documents assists you with dealing with the dispersion of PHP applications by producing permit records that can required byte encoded documents to run. Utilizing permit administrator you can make preliminary and demo renditions of PHP applications with next to no code changes. Convey applications without source code.

Unique Features: PHP/HTML code encryption 256 pieces (ECC). Incorporate areas of strength for very private keys. CRC uprightness check. Permit is perfect: Free for business and non business use. (MIT) Time expiry, the permit can be set to terminate of explicit date or after unambiguous time span. Utilization Restricted to explicit equipment, connected to equipment id. Utilization Restricted to explicit IP, connected to the PHP server IP. Incorporate a custom information as client , name, organization, and so on. Support the last PHP adaptations. Support HTML and PHP Source code (great!!). Simple to introduce in famous php servers as Xampp, Wamp, Easyphp, Uniserver and Others. You can produce a remarkable hardwareID . Module is Thread Safe. Tried underway situations and truly steady. Extremely quick bytecode motor. You can make a gift with a remark that you might want to see some component carried out and this will give it a higher Priority. You can create License documents for encripted PHP records by running basic php code, accessible for Windows, (soon Linux). Reported models. Conceal delicate information and shield scripts from unapproved changes that might slip by everyone’s notice endlessly, and be a serious security and information insurance risk. Restricting unapproved duplication or utilization of your applications. Everything code is scrambled, In request to make the code hard to comprehend by others, without influencing code execution.
Safeguard their protected innovation.
Saving in programming costs licenses.

more data: https://coldev.sourceforge.io/

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