The name Recesserna was decided to mirror the way that the organization means to change how individuals live and function in little spaces. The word break signifies ‘niche’ or ‘corner’ in Swedish, so a characteristic fit for this business is centered around planning little spaces with enormous effect.

Recesserna works with both new clients and existing ones in the corporate area, making hand crafts to suit every individual undertaking’s requirements. The organization additionally delivers restricted version household items that are sold straightforwardly through their site or at presentations, where they should be visible direct by clients searching for something exceptional and unique.

Recesserna is a Swedish furniture organization with an emphasis on plan, craftsmanship and supportability. The Recesserna assortment comprises of seats and tables planned by the proprietor of the organization, Magnus Wickman, who has been working with plan beginning around 2006. Magnus has learned at Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm and labored for a very long time as an inside modeler. After that he chose to go into business where he could consolidate his energy for plan with his adoration for craftsmanship.

TheRecesserna assortment comprises of a few distinct plans that can be utilized both inside and outside. All items are made in Sweden utilizing economical materials like American oak or reasonably obtained teak wood.

Recesserna has two fundamental product offerings: the Recess Collection and the Recess Line. The Recess Collection comprises of seats, tables and seats in different sizes, shapes and tones. The Recess Line incorporates open air furniture, for example, tables, seats and seats that can be utilized both inside and outside.

The fundamental concentration for Magnus Wickman is to plan furniture that is practical, sturdy and delightful simultaneously. He accepts that when you purchase great quality furniture it ought to keep going quite a while so you can appreciate it long into the future without supplanting it time after time. It ought to likewise be not difficult to clean with the goal that you don’t need to go through hours tidying up after chaotic children!

Great materials

Recesserna depends on three guiding principle: great plan, excellent materials and manageability. Magnus accepts that the best plans come from cooperation between the planner and the specialists who produce the items. This way you can accomplish something special that no other person can do in precisely along these lines. It likewise makes it conceivable to utilize great materials, for example, calfskin and wood which in any case probably won’t be reasonable assuming that they were efficiently manufactured in huge amounts. Recesserna utilizes just regular materials, for example, cowhide, fleece felt or strong wood with the goal that every item has its own personality and feel which can’t be duplicated by utilizing manufactured materials like plastic or metal.

The seats are produced using excellent materials, for example, strong oak, birch pressed wood or pecan facade. The tables are produced using strong oak or birch pressed wood with a matte enamel finish that ages delightfully over the long run. Recesserna is known for its exemplary plans with clean lines and basic shapes which makes them simple to consolidate with other furniture pieces in your home.

Economical plan

Recesserna’s office furniture is intended to be sturdy, simple to spotless and adaptable enough for both open arrangement and shut workplaces. The seats have flexible backs for ideal solace and backing, as well as movable armrests for everybody from tall individuals to the people who favor a more easygoing position. The work areas are produced using eco-accommodating bamboo compressed wood with a defensive completion that doesn’t contain formaldehyde or other hurtful substances

The workplace work areas are accessible as fixed work areas or versatile work areas for when your necessities change after some time. Recesserna likewise offers work areas that can be changed over into standing work areas or joined with capacity drawers, retires or screens.

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