About Singapore, The truth is I did not think of Singapore among the top thrilling destinations to visit when I was just beginning my journey abroad. When I began to travel to various places across Asia I began to recognize Singapore as a destination worth visiting particularly for people who are visiting to another country for the first time.

It’s so simple to travel to the city, and there are numerous tourist destinations that all types of tourists, from all ages, will enjoy. As of now, the Philippines is now my most frequented destination across Southeast Asia thanks to frequent promotional fares and direct flights from major airports within the Philippines.

The most popular places and things you can do and see in Singapore are the ones that show the city’s diverse history, its innovative modernity, and a desire to integrate the natural world with its crowded urban landscape. If you’re headed to Singapore I’m sure these suggestions will assist you in getting the most of your trip


  • Singapore Flyer: Towering over the Singapore skyline, Singapore Flyer is Garden City’s most recent and, may be more appropriate, the coolest new attraction. I’m saying cool because absolutely nothing else in Singapore is as futuristic as the sleek Star Trek-inspired design that is Singapore Flyer. Singapore Flyer.

Then there’s the views. Singapore Flyer promises the most spectacular views in Singapore. When your car ascends to the top, you will view Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands, the Singapore Grand Prix racetrack, the esplanade and, in clear skies it will be able to see you can see the Indonesian Spice Islands as well as the Malaysian Coast. Get the famous Singapore Flyer tickets and gear up for an unforgettable trip to one of Asia’s biggest gigantic observation wheels.

  • Gardens By The Bay: Take your time exploring the park’s natural beauty that stretches over 101 hectares of stunning landscape located in Singapore’s Central Region of Singapore. Gardens By The Bay lies in a stunning setting with The Marina Reservoir. Explore the world’s highest indoor waterfall as well as an idyllic cloud forest during your visit here. The perfect spot to enjoy a visit with your friends while located in Singapore. One of the most impressive human-made structures to hold the splendor of nature and flora. There are waterfront gardens and conservatories that make this a one-of-a unique places to visit. Explore more attractions on Gardens By the Bay in Singapore. Get your Garden by the Bay Singapore ticket
  • Merlion Park: The park is located in One Fullerton, Merlion Park is among Singapore’s most popular tourist attractions since it has its famous Merlion statue, the tourist iconic symbol of Singapore. It is the Merlion is a mythological creature that has a head of a lion as well as a fish’s body. It is a symbol of the city’s humble start as a fishing town. The Merlion’s mouth is a fountain of water the iconic statue stands at an impressive 28-foot height and weighs in at 70 tonnes. It also has a smaller Merlion statue, dubbed “Merlion cub” which measures 2 meters high and weighs 3 tonnes. Although there are seven approved Merlion sculptures within Singapore The original Merlion statue is located that is located in Merlion Park. There is a viewing platform that offers stunning perspectives of Merlion against the city’s skyline as well as the stunning Marina Bay.
  • Vivo City: In the midst of the vibrant Singapore holiday destinations, Vivo City has been developed to be an “lifestyle destination” with a large variety of entertainment and leisure facilities. This includes an amphitheater that is outdoor and a 30 story tall sky garden that has views of Sentosa Island and Mount Faber. In addition to being one of Singapore’s most renowned destinations, Vivo City is also one of the biggest shopping centers in the world. It is an award-winning location that has received numerous awards in the Retail Index. 
  • Lazarus Island: Lazarus Island is said to be Singapore’s most secretive island situated in the southern part off mainland Singapore. It is also called Pulau Sakijang Pelepah, the island is linked by an interconnected walkway with St John Island. The island is a perfect beach, and it is the perfect place to soak up the sun’s rays in beautiful landscapes. The beach on the island is perfect to swim on and cat lovers will have a great time. It is the home of a variety of cats as well as a single-eyed cat called a pirate cat. It is among the top tourist attractions in Singapore for anyone looking to escape their busy lives in the city. Visitors will forget about their worries and issues while on the island.
  • Universal Studios Singapore: Universal Studios Singapore is an excellent justification to visit the country especially if you’re traveling with your family or friends. This exciting world of film magic is the very first (and the only) theme park of its kind inside Southeast Asia. It offers more than 20 attractions, the majority of them are original or specially designed to the theme park.
  • Sentosa Island: As Asia’s Playground, Sentosa Island is the home of Singapore’s top beaches, resorts and beaches, as well as a vast array of fascinating places to explore, and activities that are fun to enjoy, including Resorts World Sentosa the Wings of Time show, Sentosa Merlion, iFly Singapore, Wave House Sentosa, S.E.A. Aquarium as well as three beach.

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