Swimming in a public pool is fun, exciting and fun, especially on a hot summer day. However, do you want to buy a house with a private backyard pool?

Statistics show that nearly 62% of homes in Scottsdale have a swimming pool. Coral Springs, Florida is the only other major city in this regard, with 66% of homes having their own pool.

Many people looking for homes for sale in Scottsdale have pools by their owners, as it is a city where temperatures often exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Also, swimming in Scottsdale is possible almost every month, including winter (if it has a heating system).

Buyers also choose to buy a home with a swimming pool because it increases the value between $5,000 and $25,000 in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and other nearby Arizona cities.

But before you buy a house in one of them, here are some things you should consider beforehand.

Cost to build a pool in Scottsdale

Even if you are buying a house with a pool installed, knowing the cost of the house helps you understand how it affects the value of the property. Homes with them are more expensive than those without.

Building a pool in Scottsdale costs about $16,000. However, the type of property and architecture also play a role in determining the total price. For example, concrete inground pools cost between $50,000 and $100,000, while fiberglass costs between $40,000 and $85,000.

Many factors contribute to these costs. First, Arizona’s hard soil requires a lot of digging and extra work to get it out afterwards. Second, labor, plumbing, and redemption costs are other things.

Are there large maintenance costs?

You must keep your pool clean and free of debris, algae or other debris. However, instead of cleaning it yourself, it is wise to let the professionals do the job as they will do the job properly.

The cost to maintain your backyard pool is about $125 per month in Scottsdale, but it can be more than that, depending on the type of treatment and cleaning required.

You should also be doing maintenance work regularly, as insurance claims for illness due to using a dirty pool are complicated and expensive.

Scottsdale Pool Rules

It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations for homes with pools in Scottsdale. According to the code established by the government, people with excavations more than six feet must have barriers and keep them properly maintained at all times.

The barrier may be a five-foot wall measured from the outside and at least twenty feet from the water’s edge. It will not have an opening that allows the insertion of an object that is four inches in diameter.

The government also prohibits homeowners from building or owning pools within two feet of the property line. If any part of the wall is lower than the specified area, it will be under the special arrangement.

The best place to buy a house with a pool

Some of the best places in Scottsdale to buy a home with a swimming pool are Greenbrier East, McDowell Mountain Ranch, Inmar Terrace, and New Papago Parkway.

You should ask a real estate professional to help you evaluate the property for sale in Scottsdale and the pool, as it increases the value of your home and allows you to relax, swim and relax during the day. fire. Your kids will love having the pool to themselves. However, you must ensure that it is clean and meets the requirements set by the government.

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